Monday, October 20, 2008


i know nothing about cyrillic/slavic languages. at best i know bits and pieces of the cyrillic alphabet and their roman cousins, but thats about as far as it goes. i do however think it is beautiful and that they are interesting to draw and compare. i was doodling today and saw these letters on a poster in a magazine. so i copied them down, feeling my way around the foreign shapes and imagining what they mean. maybe someone could tell me? its probably something really mundane, so for now ill pretend that its not.

On the topic of languages, how funny is the the word yacht. Reads like a good candidate for a swear word or some sort of nice onomatpoeia or something you would yell out of your window when you are happy.

listen to turbonegro! deathpunk!


tom and johno said...

i agree.
ah i love that photo.
when we gonna hang again?

Misiek said...

your drawing with the accordion says "retrospektiva fil'mov": a film retrospective...