Thursday, November 13, 2008


o! When I was in Germany earlier this year, visiting my gran, I found and was given an old camera(tah, Oma) . A lovely old Agfa Click 2.From what I can gather, this is a plastic toy camera, medium format (120 Film), made in Germany during the 1950's, not unlike the ever popular Holgas and Diana's barring the light leaks and stuff. Anyway. So when i came back home I dug through the fridges in the backyard and found two rolls of b/w 120 film, both expired in 1992 (typical of my dad) but i was eager! So i loaded one and got at. Camera feels wierd, quite chunky in my hands but still nice. So i took some photos. Some at the beach at Pringle Bay one day, some at Strand, some in Cape Town and some of Pedro the cat. Then i forgot to have them processed. Then i remembered! Long story short, here are a few of them which i quite like. Just getting to know the camera but i like these photos. For a better look (im not so good with blogger yet) check out my flickr.

My Favourite one, Strand Beach, I love how eerie it looks

Pedro the cat

Rob. This looks like it could have been 40 years ago!

The beach at Pringle Bay

My friend Paul's building in Vredehoek.

James on a sand dune.

This year has evaporated.


tom and johno said...

these are freaking awesome!

im so jealous that you got such a rad camera.

nice one guy.

like father like son.

Roxanne said...

shucks, i love these!

and i love your new motorcycle porn free blog :)

heino said...

that photo was taken 40 years ago!

rad new blog. i like it.