Monday, February 23, 2009


I like this old building. It dates to the 1940's.
If you look at some historic photos of the Cape Town Foreshore, you can see it, there in all its brutal, harsh, modernistic beauty. I hope they don't knock it down and put another tasteless piece of metal and glass in it's place.
The quality is not so good, because it is a digital photo of a positive on a lightbox, resourceful eh?
From my very first roll with my Lubitel 2


Princess Tam Tam said...

well, mike, i really am not aware of the name, don't really take these things in to be honest. BUT it is over the road from the shopping centre in Obs just before Maccy d's. It's got a red sign and i think the first word is super or something with an "s". know where i can get my hands on Kodak 127? Called Ohms, but the man on the other line just laughed at me and proceeded to tell me how that's the film they recorded the war with. thanks sir, you have a good day sir.

tom and johno said...

came out nicely.
better than the scans you wouldve got from me.

mike said...

i made this with a 3 megapixel digital camera, a lightbox and some masking tape, i wish i could scan them :(