Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week Two: Update

Hello! So my second week here has been crazy. Barnard has gone to Nam, so it has been mostly just the two of us, Takura and me, manning the I Love Screenprinting fort. Some technical hiccups last week, computer issues and so forth, really slowed us down with alot of the work that we have been doing. Otherwise, we are busy with a large run of shirts for Madame Zingara. They are very very labour intensive prints, involving take the shirts apart and using gold ink. I'll say no more!
Otherwise, it has been good and definately proving very useful in terms of research.

Learning lots of interesting things and definately changing the way I think about process and techniques and what is actually possible. However, my research paper is causing me big stress. I have barely had anytime to make more progress with it, as I have been so busy here.


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