Monday, January 19, 2009

30th of January 2009

Ah! Back at college. New Year. New classroom. New programs. New this. New that.
Still no fridge, so no real food options..
This is a nice poster don't you think? 
My good friend and ex-lift clubber Bruce Mackay designed it. 
It is hot diggity nice nice.
Shame about that band he plays in (this quilt...gross) but hey! It's a nice poster!
We (the lottery tickets) are playing as are archaic Somerset West hero's Stronger Than and Barkley Blazer who will be re-uniting for one last show!! Well worth checking out!!! 
Also the Yes Sir! Mr Maching team will be there making noise. 
And it's Jonny's (this quilt/barkley blazers) goodbye/farewell thing. 
No excuses!

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heino said...

this is one crazy somerset west line-up.