Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dusted and Dried

These are some pictures I had developed recently. 
I was quite happy with the way that they came out.
Strange though, I have no idea where the light leaks are coming from?
I took these over the period of a month so it was nice to get them back and remember all the different times, places and people which they reminded me of.  
I think that is probably my favourite thing about film is the the role that time plays throughout the whole process.From choosing a film speed, then a shutter speed, then the time it takes to finish the roll, then the time it takes to gather the cash to be able to develop a roll (sometimes longer than needed), then they wait for the processing and prints. 
The anticipation and what have you. The best part is forgetting what you took pictures of and then getting 36 or 24 bits of memory and surprises. 
Sort of like a pleasant flashback from drugs or something, but without having to grow dreads.
It's nice. I like it. 
More soon!



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