Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Some pictures from my latest roll with the Lubitel 2. I think I've had enough of it for awhile.
Not too keen on the colours. This is only the second time that i have ever cross processed and I think i have already gone off of it. Not too mad about the 'zany' colours and super contrast stuff. Anyway,so it was okay. But yeah. Otherwise.

I bought a Yashica-Mat last week. Can't wait to see the pictures it makes.
Busy with so much stuff, room is a disaster, brakes on my bike need a bit of attention, need to learn to make better food, have these shellfish, mussels and oysters and I dont know what to do with them?Seafood soup any one? At my house? Gross

This last picture was my favourite. I like the light coming in through the windows Bye


tom said...

love the bottom one A lot.

highart/lowlife said...

thanks guy :)

Jack Daniel said...

How much did you paid for the Lubitel 2? Is it the 2a 1 version with LOOMP on it?

Nice picture man! I saw it on flickr.

DUBE said...

where was this image taken --