Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In No Particular Order

If you are in Cape Town tonight round about 7, you should come drop by at Hello Again.
5 other young artists and myself have put together some works for a little group show called
In No Particular Order. The work is super cool, the people are really nice and it should be really rad. So no excuses!

I'm showing 6 new drawings and a new tee of mine is going on sale tonight as well.
The tees are limited to a run of twenty, 10 on white and 10 on gray, printed on Fittees. The tees are designed, stiched and sowed in Cape Town, by people from Cape Town, so don't be lame!
See you tonight then!


tom and johno said...
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tom and johno said...

sweet nipples!
i want a tshirt!

Greetings once again

Roxanne said...

what a brilliant tee. love it.

lula cat said...

I've found a great place on my window sill for your drawing! I've also tagged you as a Kreativ Blogger, go to my blog to see what to do ^_^