Monday, March 2, 2009

All the work is done by friday

Design Indaba is over! It was hectic, really really busy, but really rad. 
Met some cool people, hopefully getting some new projects to work on, ate tasty wraps and just had an all round really really good experience. 

I had some pictures developed this morning, the film scans where abit sketchy with some dubious scratches and dust and quite blue but hey? 
It was quite cheap so I'm not complaining too much. 

A picture from a ride in january on which Lynn invited me along. It's really rad, just a ramshackle bunch of people getting together on the last friday morning of the month to go for a ride around town. No weird leotards and stuff, just people who like riding bikes, road bikes, single speed, fixed or whatever. This happens in cities all around the world on the last friday of every month, it's called Critical Mass and I think you should join in next time

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