Thursday, March 5, 2009


From my Agfa Click 2. I ran a roll of 35mm film through it. The shop where i had it scanned obviously cropped these for me, so i can't show the full frame shots (yet!) but anyway. Im quite pleased with how these came out. This one is taken from my bedroom

Two kids walking home one afternoon in the Bo-Kaap. I was sitting in my car, about to leave when i took this one. The colours aren't half bad. Im quite keen to see how it would like with the full frame

Strange picture, im not sure exactly what is going on? I like it though, feels very very dreamy. All of these pictures have a very dreamlike something about them. I like that


Paul said...

really like the bottom one dude....have you posted any photos taken with my minolta?

highart/lowlife said...

thanks guy!
no, haven't posted any yet
will let you know i do!
dang its hot